Reputable Institution
SPB is a regional partner of Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) and has worked with the College of Education, Cocordia University, USA for many years.
International Curriculum
The programs offered are designed to be age-appropriate and are crafted to meet International standard. English is primary languange of instruction with also emphasis on Mandarin and Indonesian.
School Environment
The school environment is design to be welcoming and interesting to student that the school will be their second home.
Qualified and Trained Educators
Our Faculty and staff are ready to ensure that students can reach their highest potential in the classroom.
Parents as Partners
We allow parents to be partners in educating our children together. Two ways communication is encourage between school and home.



In SPB I grew a lot in terms of decision making, developing leadership skills and cooperating with my class mates

What I like about SPB is that we are able to learn together with friends and getting the opportunity to get knowledge from teachers from different backgrounds

There are a lot of things that I like about SPB, but one of the most distinctive qualities is that  the teachers and staff are all very helpful. This creates an environment where it's not just a school, but people can really feel at home

SPB stays true to Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, where there are no religion barriers within the community and all people can become one with mutual respect and acceptance

The critical thinking and communication skills I've developed at SPB has given me a solid foundation to build on as I pursue higher education

Kami melihat bukti dan komitmen SPB dalam mempersiapkan masa depan anak kami yang saat ini melanjutkan di universitas bertaraf International