We Love SPB

"I love SPB because it is a really clean building. Every morning I see people helping keep the school clean. We help keep the school clean too because we are a small community. We help each other." (Natasha Kristina)

"We read in Mandarin everyday. It is fun to count the strokes in Mandarin. I like learning songs and games in Mandarin.." (Natasha Simin)

"I love SPB because we have math lessons. I like math. We learn about fractions, volume and time." (Mario)

"I love SPB because I like to learn English. When I learn English I can be smart and read well. I can also speak English very well." - (Jason Ariel)

"We have a fantastic, new, clean computer lab. We learn about the planets in the computer lab. We also play Mathletics in the computer lab." (Bryan)

"I love SPB because I can go on fieldtrips. I go on fieldtrips with my friends and I can learn and play" - (Fiona Joshva)

"I love SPB because we can play many kinds of Indonesian instruments. I can play Rincik instrument. It is really fun playing the Indonesian instruments." (Marcel).