SIMOC 2018 (Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge)

Our students had stellar achievement in Singapore
International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) 2018 that took place on July 7, 2018 at Canadian International School, Jurong – Singapore.

There were 5 students participating in the Olympiad, Kevin S. Purawihardja (Sec 1), Ni Putu Keshya C. Pramudita (P6), Rafael Antolie (P5), Loretta Antolie (Sec 2) and Deniz Rausan Fikri (P2).

SPB representative and SIMOC Cirebon coordinator, Ms.Titis Gunarti conveyed that this international standard competition is beneficial to sharpen the mentality, dexterity, and quick thinking of the participants, so this experience could increase the quality of education and student’s character.

SIMOC is a math competition with unique concept, it’s not just a test to determine the ability to solve math problems using pen and paper, but test the ability of working in a team to play interactive math based games and solving puzzles.

SIMOC gave opportunity for participants who competed together with other participants of similar skills from around the world to learn from each other as a team,” she said. Ms. Titis also wishes for parents to keep motivating and supporting their child’s interest and potential, so they gain confidence in what they do.
From 5 students participating, 2 of them won Silver Award and Bronze Award:

  • Kevin S. Purawihardja (Sec 1) Silver Award for Math Olympiad Contest,
  • Deniz Rausan Fikri (P2)Bronze Award for Math Olympiad Contest and Math Warriors Competition.

With this feat, SPB’s School Principal, Ms. Regina Elisabeth T, B.Sc., M.Ed. extends her congratulations and wish for the students to not be self-complacent, but instead to use this experience as a milestone to push and keep motivating themselves to reach for another milestone.